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Asset Management (Template) is a Course

Asset Management (Template)

Starts Nov 16, 2020

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By the end of this course you will know what asset management is all about. You will be familiar with the main players in the investment space and you will learn how to evaluate the investment strategies that they employ and to determine which managers are skilled and which ones are not. You will also be able to put an investment portfolio together yourself by optimally trading off the risk and return of the assets at your disposal. Because financial market outcomes are the result of the interaction of many investors, we will also spend a substantial amount of time on what is called “equilibrium thinking”. If we would ignore the actions of others, or what we will call “all else equal” thinking, we can end up making large investment mistakes. Understanding the financial market equilibrium, while not always easy, will prevent you from making those mistakes. Because participating in financial markets also implies interacting with the government, we will also discuss the regulations and taxation involved.