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Digital Leadership Certificate Program (2024)


$2,250 Enroll

Full program description

Enroll and Complete these steps:
  1. Upon Registration, return to your Wharton Online Catalog Dashboard
  2. Click [Begin Course] on each course to activate the full program


The Digital Leadership Certificate Program is a collection of digital business education courses designed to help professionals expand their leadership skills and become more digitally savvy. Leaders in any industry need to know how to pivot and adapt to evolving landscapes. With new technologies disrupting traditional business operations, there is an opportunity for leaders to step up and transform their organizations. 

Whether you’re a newer leader or already have an established role within your company, this program can provide you with the digital business education you need to help your organization thrive. Learn how to make lasting change within your workplace by studying topics such as digital retail strategies, applications of AI in business, and the implications of a growing digital economy.

If you already hold a Leadership and Management Certificate from Wharton Online, you can complete the Digital Leadership Certificate Program for a 20% discounted price ($1,800) and become eligible to receive an Executive Leadership Certificate.

New to Wharton Online but still interested in the Executive Leadership Certificate? Enroll in both leadership certificate programs for a discounted price of $5,500. Please email to get started!

How It Works

To earn our Digital Leadership certificate, learners must complete four digital leadership education courses. 

  • Leadership in the Age of Digital Disruption

  • Artificial Intelligence for Business

  • Managing in the Global Digital Economy

  • Removing Barriers to Change in Organizations

These digital leadership courses are also offered individually for learners who are interested in the above topics but do not wish to complete a full certificate program.