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Managing the Value of Customer Relationships

Ends Feb 19, 2025

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Full course description

Did you know your best opportunities for growth might not only be from new products or services? Instead, they could be found by focusing on your current top customers — and finding new ones with similar behavioral tendencies.

Managing the Value of Customer Relationships was created to help you determine your most valuable customers and maximize their value. Created by Pete Fader, renowned analytics thought leader, this course will transform how you create and implement customer-centric strategies for your business. You’ll also learn how to equip your product development processes to better meet your most valuable customers’ needs.

Course Topics

  • Product Centricity versus Customer Centricity
  • Customer Equity and Firm Valuation
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Managing Customers According to Value
  • Acquisition and Retention Optimization

Participants Will Learn How To:

  • Advocate for customer centricity in your business
  • Make informed decisions about if and when to invest in customer centricity
  • Decide which experiments will help your business reach greater customer centricity
  • Find the balance between customer-centric and product-centric efforts
  • Choose metrics that assess ongoing customer-centric efforts