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Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Social Media, and e-Commerce

Ended Feb 1, 2023

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Companies like Facebook and Uber have dramatically changed how we interact and get from point A to B. The digital economy is constantly changing, challenging businesses and social institutions to evolve. Whether you’re an investor, manager, or student, you need innovative strategies to navigate in this new environment.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Social Media, and E-Commerce will equip you with real-world principles of digital marketing that will become an essential part of your professional arsenal. This course is taught by Wharton Marketing Professor, Ron Berman, and is designed to help you understand the new online-offline environment. You’ll learn the insights and skills necessary to succeed in digital, social media, and ecommerce marketing.

Course Modules

  1. Behavioral Foundations
  2. New Forms of Interaction
  3. Tools and Principles
  4. New Media Platforms

Participants Will Learn How To:

  • Apply new models to increase profitability in business and e-commerce
  • Utilize effective social media and digital marketing tactics
  • Implement real-world digital marketing and ecommerce techniques
  • Market yourself and your products more effectively